12.17. 2009

Balmain jeans

Carrot jeans are conquering the fashion world returning to the run and becoming this year’s favourite piece. Balmains collection can be considered the standard. Producers aim to seem virtually unique besides the tight-fitting. That’s why almost all the jeans appear to be different. We can select…

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12.16. 2009

StyleWalker night

Fedezd fel az V. kerület design boltjait és ezzel együtt a magyar kortárs divat, lakberendezés és iparművészet világát!Kiállítás megnyitók, koncert, dj szettek, bakelit bolhapiac még sok minden más vár rád az üzletekben!Résztvevők:Buborék, Catwalk, Csendes, Eclectick,…

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12.14. 2009

Graffiti and art on the streets of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the capital of culture and arts in South America. From the diverse options I chose an interesting field of art, the graffiti. I was wandering around the different parts of the city a lot and spotted these artworks. I thought it was worth recording them. I would like to share the most…

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