04.09. 2010

Men fashion: photo shooting

Férfi divat: fotózásI have some good news for the fans of men fashion and handball. Next week I continue showing the clothes of our favourite handball players. I’m taking photo series of the guys from Dunaferr along with their girlfriends.Thanks for the handball team of Dunaferr SE!FestyJó…

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04.08. 2010

Festy in style on the Sport & Media website

Festy in style a sport & media oldalánYeahhh!!! The fashion shooting with Nagy Kornél has appeared on the website of Sport & Media.Thanks for:Nagy Kornél and the Sport & Media!!!Juppiii!!! A Sport & Media oldalán megjelent a Festy in style által készített divatfotózás,…

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04.06. 2010

A. F. Vandevorst and the sexy sand colour

A. F. Vandevorst és a sexy homokszínA. F. Vandevorst’s 2010 spring collection is dominated by one of the trendiest spring colours: the tawny. All of his creations have a kind of soft and breezy effect. The transparent materials and the girdles allow the wearer to become more womanly and…

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