04.24. 2010

Festy in style on the Esti Hírlap website

Festy in style az Esti Hírlap oldalánYeahhh!!! The fashion shooting with Dunaferr handball team has appeared on the website of Esti Hírlap.Thanks for:Dunaferr handball team and the Esti Hírlap!!!Juppiii!!! Az Esti Hírlap oldalán is megjelent a Festy in style által készített divatfotózás,…

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04.22. 2010

Handball style #2

Our next outfit reflects Yassine’s style: loosey and trendy. Checked shirts are currently very fashionable among youngsters, both boys and girls. It’s the best choice if we would like to wear a shirt without giving the impression of being elegant.A következő összeállítás, amit láthatunk…

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04.20. 2010

Sex and the city 2 - the movie

Good news for the Sex and the City fans: the second part is appearing on the cinema screens in less than a month.The world premier is due on 27th May. If you are a fanatic, you had better book the best seats now.This part is also expected to be exciting. Full of twists and turns as well as wonderful…

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