06.10. 2010

Festy in TALLY WEIJL #2

You can see the second part of the Tally series which was also taken in the Allee department store. Overalls are popular again this summer. It doesn’t matter if they’re long or short. The main thing is that they are comfortable and you feel good wearing them:)A Tally-s sorozat következő…

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06.09. 2010

Festy in style on the Esti Hírlap website

Festy in style az Esti Hírlap oldalán The fashion shooting with a player of Dunaferr handball team has appeared on the website of Esti Hírlap.Thanks for:Dunaferr handball team and the Esti Hírlap!!!Az Esti Hírlap oldalán is megjelent a Festy in style által készített divatfotózás, amelynek…

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06.07. 2010


Our next photo series was taken in Tally Weijl which can be found in the Allee. The shop sells clothes of various styles, so everybody can find the most suitable one. We created different outfits for the photo shooting. Firstly, a wild, sexy leopard print dress is combined with gold.You always have…

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