06.18. 2010

The 2010 collections of Gisele and Calzedonia

Gisele és a Calzedonia 2010-es kollekciójaSummer has been here for a couple of weeks. :) I thought I should write a bit about bikinis. This year I was captivated by Calzedonia’s collection which was modelled by the Brazilian natural beauty: Gisele. I really like that they are willing to use the…

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06.16. 2010

Handball style #4

Pastel colours are very fashionable this year. I love them as they help us become more womanly. These colour tones suit Orsi well. The whole image is wilder thanks to the wide, spiky belt. I should also buy a sand jacket like this:) (basic piece)Idén nagyon divatosak a pasztellszínek. Én szeretem…

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06.14. 2010

I'm going to VIVA comet :)

I'm going to VIVA comet!!! I'm so happy! :)Thanks for my friend Maszat!xoxoFestyIdén is megrendezi a VIVA tv legrangosabb eseményét (június 17-én csütörtök este) a VIVA comet díjtadót. Remélem, szebnél-szebb ruhakölteményekről tudok majd közvetíteni.Ha zene szólNézd a legfrissebb…

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