08.13. 2010

Tata, summer, Festy and Vanda Dombovári…

Tata, nyár, Festy és Dombovári Vanda… Kinga, our friend from Tata surprised us with a wonderful Sunday afternoon. I wouldn’t have thought that this little town was such a picturesque place. We went boating during sunset…Vanda’s yellow outfit matched with the golden lights. While Kinga’s…

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08.12. 2010


I love Kerti's blog!!! She's a graphic desing student, photographer from Estonia.http://kertiii.blogspot.com/2010/07/i-wish-i-had-mango-tree.htmlPhotos by Kerti

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08.10. 2010

Chuck and Blair = Chair:)

Chuck and Blair or ”Chair”, how they are called on internet forums, represent the ideal of the modern, trendy and ultra-rich New York couple. In the series, Gossip Girl, their characters are the most complicated and by the time they find each other, they both will have got through significant…

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