09.24. 2010

Street Fashion Budapest

Ildikó Simonovics, the fashion designer of BTM´s Kiscell Museum, starts aresearch as part of the MaDok program. You can send your street fashionphotograph to http://www.streetfashionbudapest.hu/.A competition also began parallelly to the website: the registeredvisitors can continuously vote for…

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09.21. 2010

My reader in Tally Weijl

Olvasó Tally Weijl-benThis part of the Festy in Tally Weijl series is unusual as I present the brand new Tally Weijl collection on one of my readers. It was a pleasure to work with Viki. On her first photo-shooting she was moving as a talent in front of the camera. :) I chose colourful clothes for…

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