10.08. 2010

Jungle trip

The jungle adventures continued in the Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary: in the morning we entered the park and watched a feeding. Then we took photographs at every single tree for the blog:) After a while we realized that we had gone off the track and found ourselves on a little path in the middle of…

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10.06. 2010

My blog’s first birthday is today!:)

Ma 1 éves a blogom!:)Happy Birthday Festy in style!A year ago when I started to write my blog, I wouldn’t have thought that so many good things would happen to me. I didn’t even suspect that Festy in style was gonna give me so much pleasure and success…Thanks to you, my readers who have been…

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10.04. 2010

Fur boots

Szőrős csizmákOne of this winter’s new trend is the boots decorated with fur. Magazines have already been full of them and soon the shops will be flooded too with these strange types of shoes. Personally I don’t like any of them. Perhaps because I’m allergic to animal fur:(Which pair do you…

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