11.14. 2010

Festy in the Meglepetés magazine

Festy a Meglepetés magazinbanA couple of weeks ago the editor of the magazine called me that I had been chosen for a topic presenting stockings:) Yeaaah, I could barely believe it! I was so glad! I had a really good time during the shooting. I wore about 10 outfits. I got different hair styles and…

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11.10. 2010

Men fashion: Wunderkind spring 2011

One of my beloved readers Robertho gave me the idea to write about men fashion. I picked three boys’ outfits from Wunderkind’s spring collection which reflect this year’s fashion colours: the dark blue, grey and beige.Az egyik kedves olvasom Robertho adta az ötletet, hogy férfidivatról is…

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