11.26. 2010

Festy in Glamour magazine

Festy a Glamour magazinbanLast week I bought the newest issue of Glamour. While I was looking through it, I realized that there was a whole page about the Open Day. I started to look at the little pictures with excitement. Yeahhh, we are in the magazine with Dóri, as we are interviewing one of the…

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11.23. 2010

A cheerful day in the castle gardens

Egy vidám nap a kastély kertbenIn today’s post you can see some street photos of a young mother with her son. Erika (Oke make-up) made a brownish make-up for Szilvi which matched well with the colour of her eyes and hair. We also had Kevin dressed in his little clothes. Then we went to Jankovich…

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