08.27. 2011

Outfit in Paris #3

And it is time for my favourite day of the Paris week: Disneyland! J Yeahhh! I love amusement parks, especially the rides with adrenaline…. rollercoasters, swing and drop rides… I could be a child again on that day, I was able to try everything that was available. There was music everywhere, the…

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08.25. 2011

FOLLOW ME II. - street fashion budapest

Jövőhétvégén a Nőklapja Cafe Fesztivál keretein belül megrendezik a második Street Fashion Show-t Budapesten. Már nagyon izgatottan várom az eredményt, hogy megint beválasztottak-e a felvonulók közé! :) A legutóbbi bemutató nagyon nagy élmény volt. Gyertek el minél többen,…

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08.23. 2011

Lina Tesch Photography

I found Lina’s photos at my Inpiration section. I have already put pictures of her onto my blog. Now I would like to introduce one of her fantastic photo series. When I browsed through Lina’s website, I was amazed by her pictures. For me they have a special atmosphere. I’m sure I’ll show you…

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