02.13. 2013

The London Plus Size Fashion Weekend has RENAMED as The British Plus Size Fashion Weekend


Event Weekend: 15th& 16th Feb 2013
Venue: Various 15thFeb Beach Blanket Babylon & 16th Feb Shoreditch Town Hall on the saturday
Time: All day

Due to the growing excitement surrounding the plus size fashion weekend, there has been some confusion over its connection to the London Fashion Week. We would like to state that the Plus size Fashion Weekend has been organised by Trapped In A Skinny World & Evolve Media and bears no relation to the London Fashion Weekend. We have however been in constant communication with them and they fully back and support the plus size fashion weekend, but we have therefore changed our name to The British Plus Size Fashion Weekend to avoid any confusion. We hope you are as excited about the event as we are, and would really appreciate your support with either news pieces, features about the plus size fashion arena and growing designers or interviews with the organsiers Remi Ray & Rianne Ward

The British Plus Size Fashion Weekend will be the first time local and international designers, speakers, models and retailers will have the chance to come together to showcase their collection and passion for plus sized women.

According to the BBC it is estimated that 60.8 per cent of UK adults are overweight, so with a growing population of plus size ladies who are embracing their curves, it’s about time there was an event to celebrate all that is great about being plus size and curvy! The British Plus Size Fashion Weekend will be paving the way in the industry for plus size designers, retailers and consumers – bridging the gap and bringing everyone together in two amazing venues, hosted by amazing and inspirational speakers! Already on board & involved in London Plus Size Fashion Weekend is Big Brother 2012 contestant Rebecca Hannonwho will be one of the official Curvy Ambassadors for the event. Professional models supplied by Milk Management will be hitting the ‘Simply Be’sponsored exclusive catwalk with the latest fashion trends from across the globe with designers from America & Europe showcasing their best collections. Music on one of the days will be performed by the Basement Jaxx lead vocalist Vula Malinga and her new band. The weekend will be jammed packed with everything related to being plus size including a swap shop hosted by well known international French blogger Gaelle Vanessa Prudencio, an all day plus size market place on the Saturday and a panel discussion with keynote industry professionals (Velvet D' Armour- International plus size model and first plus size model to walk in a Jean Paul Gautier show- Anna Shillinglaw CEO of noted modelling agency Milk Management, Jessica KaneInternational renowned blogger and CEO of American plus size magazine Skorch - Rianne Ward CEO of Evolve Magazine leading UK's magazine for curvy women - moderated by leading UK blogger Lauren Ding (pocket rocket blog) who are looking forward to answering questions and talking about their idea’s for change in the plus size market.

Notes to editors about the organisers:
Trapped in a skinny World is a plus-size vintage fashion boutique & was set up by Remi Ray, a 25 year old young British entrepreneur; with her education background in fashion from the London College of fashion and her degree in Fashion management and marketing at UCA, Remi has always had passion for fashion and particularly the importance of being fashionable & feeling good about yourself if you’re a curvy woman.  Remi decided upon The british Plus-size fashion weekend to take place while LFW was happening to give the plus-size women in the community a chance to engage in fashion while the rest of the world does!
Rianne Wardis the CEO & Creative Director at Evolve Intl Media Ltd, a lifestyle brand that has been created for the plus size community and embodies products and services that cover Health, Beauty, Fashion, Fitness and Self Empowerment, with the flagship product Evolve Magazine the UK’s #1 Online Magazine for Curvy Women.  Rianne Ward a media professional with 15yrs experience in working in television, music industry and fashion. A plus size woman with huge vision to help all women ‘Be Proud Be You’

For more information about the event look at www.lpsfw.com
Szólj hozzá!

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