07.22. 2020

Knowledge Working Theater presents Grudges A new play by T.J. Elliott & Joe Queenan Directed by Dora Endre


Knowledge Working Theater presents Grudges A new play by T.J. Elliott & Joe Queenan Directed
by Dora Endre

Streaming live for 7 performances from July 16 – July 24

[New York, NY July 1, 2020] Knowledge Workings Theater presents a new play by Wall Street Journal columnist & satirist, Joe Queenan and T.J. Elliott. The playwriting team’s sophomore effort, Grudges, is a dark comedy that mines the hilarity in familial polarity, when two brothers whose friendship has been sundered by the 2016 election get together for a ‘bury-the-hatchet’ dinner, solemnly agreeing to never let the words “Trump” or “Obama” pass through their lips during the course of the evening. But promises are made to be broken. And hatchets rarely stay buried for long. The cast of John Blaylock, Lynne Otis, Jasmine Dorothy, Haefner, Andre Montgomery, and James Lawson, led by director Dora Endre, imbue their characters with potent, searing wit tempered by deep insight, in this exceedingly timely, live streamed event.

Showtimes: July 16, 17, 22, 23, 24 @7PM July 18th @4PM

July 19 @2PM

Tickets are $10-$20 at Eventbrite link: https://bit.ly/2VD6loJ
More information at

About Knowledge Workings Theater:
Joe Queenan and T.J. Elliott formed Knowledge Workings in order to write and self-produce their 'problem comedies: theatrical works that explore difficult issues in a humanistic and entertaining fashion.

Through their collaboration with actors, directors, theater professionals, and audience members, they seek to provoke discussion and understanding of issues and ideas critical to our time such as race, religion, and polarization. Their first Off-Broadway Equity showcase, Alms, enjoyed a sold-out run at TheaterLab in NYC. Knowledge Workings is a member of Alliance of Resident Theaters/New York. Faced with the unique challenges posed to stage works by the pandemic, we are committed to #maketheaterlive

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