02.24. 2011

Tally Weijl 2011 pre spring collection

The spring collection has arrived at Tally! :) I can’t wait to have some time and go to the Tally shop at Allee shopping centre to buy some lively outfits. I’ll also post about it if I can. :) The natural brown colours still remain for the spirng but in lighter tones. Pale pink perfectly matches…

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01.03. 2011

Chanel’s fur collection

Chanel szőrös kollekciójaKarl Lagerfeld dressed his models in fur from top to toe this winter. He showed us that of fur not only coats can be made but trousers and night dresses too. The decorations of the runway were gigantic. The huge ice cubes were brought from Scandinavia. When I first saw…

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10.29. 2010

Márta Makány’s autumn-winter collection

Makány Márta őszi-téli kollekciójaMárta Makány’s name for me was identical with elegant outfits (wedding dresses, evening dresses and costumes). I became very interested when I realized on Facebook that Márta’s a new trendy and youthful autumn-winter collection is out. There are some…

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06.18. 2010

The 2010 collections of Gisele and Calzedonia

Gisele és a Calzedonia 2010-es kollekciójaSummer has been here for a couple of weeks. :) I thought I should write a bit about bikinis. This year I was captivated by Calzedonia’s collection which was modelled by the Brazilian natural beauty: Gisele. I really like that they are willing to use the…

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03.22. 2010

Givenchy: black and white

This time Riccardo Tisci came out with the forever popular black and white combination. He used wonderful materials to form the clothes. He just added some feathers to his creations to make them wilder and a fabulous range of elegant evening dresses got ready…Riccardo Tisci ezúttal elővette a…

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10.22. 2009

Chocolate clothes

A csokit szinte mindenki szereti, ezért tartom nagyszerű ötletnek, hogy a Paris Chocolate Show keretein belül Anita Jakobson designer bemutatta kreációit, együttműködve Eva Rachline és Chocolat Chapon at the 14th Salon du Chocolat-tal. A ruhaköltemények nem csak gyönyörűek, hanem…

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10.13. 2009

Green fashion

Manapság az egyik legfontosabb téma a Földünk megóvása, ami a divatban is egyre fontosabb szerepet kap. Linda Loudermilk ruhatervező az egyik úttörője a green fashion-nek. Környezetbarát, újrahasznosítható és organikus anyagokból készíti a…

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