04.13. 2010

Werk photos: Handball style / kézilabdás divat

The fashion photos of the handball player guys were taken on Saturday. The 8-hour hard work didn’t remain without results: the pictures are fantastic!!! :) All of the models were absolutely great. I’ll continuously upload the photos to my blog as soon as I get ready with their retouch. Now you…

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03.16. 2010

Board style: man fashion

After the success of the previous man fashion article, I decided to continue the series. This time I combined a loosey board style. Along with the board trousers and the sleeveless T-shirt we can bravely put on a red checked shirt which makes our outfit more unique. Moreover, the shops are full of…

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02.15. 2010

Grey outfit EXTRA: man fashion

I’ve made an extra post for you as part of the grey series. I know many of you are also interested in men’s fashion, so I’ve set up an elegant and a more loosey outfit for men.The loosey hooded sweatshirt can be perked up with a trendy shawl. Wearing accessories is getting more popular among…

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