05.27. 2011

JOY, CKM top 100 award party

JOY, CKM top 100 díjátadó partiKét hete voltam a JOY díjátadó partin. Szuper buli volt! :) Nagyon jól éreztem magamat: éjjel kettőig maradtam, tudtam volna még táncolni, csak másnap dolgozni kellett mennem. :( Szokás szerint készítettem sok képet a partiról. Amióta írom a blogot…

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04.19. 2011

New Samsonite shop opened in Europeum

Új Samsonite bolt nyitott az EuropeumbanMe and my blogger friends participated in the opening ceremony of the Samsonite shop on Thursday, when the lucky winner, Róbert Nagy could receive the Cosmolite luxury suitcase. 2000 people were competing for this amazing case. The bloggers got a gift bag…

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04.13. 2011

The opening of Debenhams in Hungary

Debenhams magyarországi megnyitója The opening ceremony of Debenhams took place on Monday evening in Westend City mall. I hadn’t really known this brand before. They sell clothes for the older age groups. And there were rather elegant models in the shop. I met some blogger friends at the event:…

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04.11. 2011

GLAMOUR Blogger Breakfast

GLAMOUR Bloggerreggeli I was invited to the headquarters of Glamour to a Blogger Breakfast last week by Krisztina Maróy, the main editor of the magazine. I consider the initiation very important that we, bloggers were asked to help put Hungarian fashion forward. Blogs are already an essential part…

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03.25. 2011

Festy a GLAMOUR Women of the year gálán

Egy hete volt csütörtökön a Glamour Women of the year gála. Úgy örülök, hogy ott lehettem, mert nagyon nagy élmény volt. Köszönöm a meghívást a Glamour főszerkesztőjének Maróy Krisztinának. Rengeteg képet készítet fotósom, Laci a partyról, ahogy ígértem. Megpróbáltunk…

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03.08. 2011

My invitation has arrived to the Glamour Gala

Megjött a meghívóm a Glamour GáláraI received my official invitation to the Glamour Women of the Year Gala! :) I am already very excited about it. It seems there will be a big party next week then…Megjött a hivatalos meghívom a Glamour Women of the Year Gálára! :) Már izgatottan várom.…

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02.01. 2011

The presentation of Márta Makány’s new book

Makány Márta új könyvének a bemutatójaIn January Márta Makány presented the public her new book entitled: Wedding. You can see wonderful photos of fascinating dresses in the book. All women’s hearts leap up seeing these fabulous wedding dresses. If you have never thought about getting…

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01.20. 2011

Fashion Guide has started

Elindult a Fashion Guide Fashion Guide (www.fashion-guide.hu), a group bringing fashion bloggers together, started to operate on Wednesday last week. The ceremonial introduction took place in Max Mara’s store. The website displays Hungarian and international fashion from different point of views.…

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12.06. 2010

GLAMOUR and H&M shopping party

GLAMOUR and H&M shopping partyThe shopping party of Glamour and H&M took place last Thursday. Judit, the writer of Plus Size Life found out how good it would be if we bloggers looked at this fashion event too. Chaby (SmizeDivat = SmizeFashion) also joined us. The advent fair at Vörösmarty…

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11.05. 2010

Glamour Open Day

Glamour nyílt napGlamour’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago and as part of this the readers could look into the work of the editorial office on an Open Day. It proved to be very useful for me to talk to the editors. I hadn’t been so lucky to see the office of any fashion magazines earlier. We…

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06.22. 2010

VIVA comet 2010

The awards of Hungarian popular music were given again this year at VIVA Comet. I’ll rather present the event from a fashion point of view. I had already bought this little coctail dress in spring which I combined with pink this time. And of course I couldn’t leave home my favourite flower…

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03.25. 2010

Glamour party

Glamour Women of the YearActors, singers and people working in fashion industry appeared in clothes of different styles at the extraordinary Glamour party. I went with my friends, Any and Dóri. We really liked the party, especially the music: we never stopped dancing:)A nagyszabású Glamour partyn…

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03.19. 2010

Post about Backstageparty

The extraordinary fashion event on the first week of March was an unforgettable experience for all of it’s participants. There was professional work behind every single detail. I’m glad I could take part in Backstage. It was interesting to see how a fashion show builds up. We would never think…

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03.03. 2010


The elite of the Hungarian fashion world gather in the Art Hall on Friday night. The organization of this extraordinary event is provided by: Normand Gábor, Kemenesi Tünde, Lakatos Márk and the students of the Werk Style Academy. The commemoration of fashion victims will give the main theme of…

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